Alpaca Basics

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Alpacas can come in all sizes, ages and colors! But here are some basic information about alpacas 🙂

Most alpacas have an average lifespan between 15-20 years. Just like with all things “average”, you will get some that live shorter as well as longer.

Alpacas are born about 12-20 lbs and grow to be about 120-150 lbs. But some are smaller and many males are larger, closer to 180 lbs on average on our farm.

Females can breed at about 18 months old, but I tend to wait a little bit longer so they can mature both physically as well as emotionally. Males take longer to mature but we personally wean our males by 8-9 months old to make sure we don’t have any earlier maturing males breeding without our knowledge!

Alpacas are very curious and intelligent- and proper early handling and training will make them very friendly and easy to handle.