Alpaca Care Must Have Items

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There are definitely many items we have for our alpacas but if there were 2 items I use the most and couldn’t live without- it would be electrolytes and probiotics. The video explains further 🙂

The electrolytes are usually under $5 and the probiotics run about $10. Add in a 60cc syringe for a few more bucks- and you have a $20 alpaca care kit that could save a lot of money long term!

Electrolytes are used for dehydration caused by many potential factors including but not limited to heat stress. We use electrolytes even in the winter when alpacas don’t drink enough from their heated buckets and get dehydrated. Also after giving birth, they can experience dehydration.

Probiotics are useful right along with electrolytes when alpacas are stressed. I usually use this more to balance their gut during transitions or after deworming. Sometimes they may eat a new weed that doesn’t agree. Learn to use both of these well and you will keep your alpacas very healthy!