Alpaca Heat Stress Prevention Tips

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Keep your alpacas safe from heat stress by following some of these basic tips 🙂 If your alpacas look a little dazed or cushed a lot while others are grazing, give them electrolytes, take their temperature (so you can let your vet know) and have your vet’s phone # handy just in case. Call your vet if their temperature is above 102 degrees F

  1. Make sure they have plenty of cool water
  2. Make sure they have plenty of shade
  3. Add fans in the barn and make sure the barn is well aerated
  4. Make sure they are shorn in the spring before the heat of summer
  5. Spray their belly and legs with water to keep them cool a few times a day (video below)
  6. Provide one or two buckets with electrolytes in their water
  7. Keep a close eye on them and watch for any signs of heat stress