Can you give me alpaca behavior tips?

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Helpful Tips

      • Work in a smaller pen packed with alpacas to limit movement for herd management
      • Less people + more alpacas in pen= less scared alpacas for herd management
      • Give alpaca an escape route forward so they don’t feel trapped- this also gives you a predictable direction to move with the alpaca
      • Always start with the least amount of restraint first and increase as necessary
      • Many things can be done without restraint by using treats as a distraction
      • If alpacas are scared and feel cornered, they can do desperate things like try to climb out or kick
      • Alpacas like routine for the most part- but do enjoy new experiences
      • The more time you spend with them, the more comfortable they will be around you
      • Generally, move slowly and quietly at a steady pace
      • Talk to them and tell them what you’re doing (especially during herd management and training)
      • Always give the animals time to think and process what is happening
      • They are highly intelligent and observe people
      • You can easily train them to come when you call them for treats
      • They tend to go from area to area relatively predictably throughout the day, so if you have a large pasture- you’ll soon know where they will most likely be at a certain time of the day.
      • It’s much easier to call them vs herd them from behind
      • They make a variety of noises including an alarm call. An alarm call is a very high pitched sound and they will be standing at attention
      • They can also swear (just kidding) but it sure sounds like it!
      • Humming sound is probably the most common. Moms hum to their babies, some hum at me to give them treats, they may also be talking to themselves!
      • Alpacas are very aware of your hand position- the closer your hands stay to your body, the less intimidated they will be and more likely to approach you. On the flip side, if you want personal space, just put your hand up and that will stop them.