Halter Training Alpaca Babies: Step-by Step Training Videos

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Before I put a regular halter on them, I start with a light handmade velcro halter. This helps them get used to the sensation of having something put on their face. The velcro makes it quick so they don’t get anxious. I leave it on while they eat their grain in the pen so they get used to the fabric halter. I take it off before they leave the area. I keep doing this a few times a week until they let me put the halter on without any fussing 🙂 Here are the steps and videos are below.

Step 2 is the actual halter 🙂 I do this for another 2 weeks or so before I go into lead training.

The 3rd video covers more training so the alpaca babies get familiar with being touched to make herd management tasks less stressful in the future. Baby steps!

Next Step 3- short lead training! Enjoy 😉