How do I get started with alpacas?

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Start with a Business Plan and Ranch Visits

Alpaca ranching can be a very exciting and a nice lifestyle business. But as with any business, success is not automatic. Your success depends on your research, business plan, business skills, available time and resources.

The best place to start is to consider your personal goals and create a simple business plan.

Questions to ask yourself

      • How much money do you have to invest in this business?
      • What kind of ROI are you looking for?
      • How large will your herd be?
      • What kind of herd will you focus on? Will you have Suris or Huacayas?
      • How quickly are you looking for income?
      • Will you focus on breeding, fiber animals, or just have pets?
      • How do you plan to market your alpacas and their fiber?
      • What will be your niche?

The business plan will help guide you in selecting the best foundation herd for your business. We’re always happy to discuss our business so you can get an idea of where your niche might be. Feel free to call and schedule a few visits to our ranch. We welcome repeat visitors as there are many things to experience.