How do you determine price?

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Here’s a bit of information on how we price our alpacas and what information to consider when purchasing them.

We price our alpacas based on quite a few different criteria. We take the following into consideration and then run comps:

      • Sex
      • Age
      • Breeding status
      • Genotype
      • Phenotype
      • Pedigree
      • General market/economy

When considering animals for purchase, you can ask for the following information:

      • Copy of ARI certificate
      • Fiber sample from prime blanket, and or histogram at a year old + any others they may have
      • Breeding status
      • Additional pictures
      • Dam, sire, service sire information
      • Provided guarantees (reproductive guarantee, etc.)
      • Any health issues
      • Show records

We’re always happy to explain how our alpacas are priced. If you decide to purchase an animal, before signing a contract you should carefully review their health file which typically includes cria check information, weight record, vaccination records, worming schedule, and any feed sensitivity information. Sudden changes in their diet can cause upsets, so ask what they have been fed. You can also pay for a prepurchase vet exam.