How do you wean your babies?

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There is no one right way to wean your babies, so I am only sharing how we do it.

Around 6-8 months old and once they reach over 60 lbs, we wean the babies. We’ve done it both ways by allowing the dam to wean their cria- as well as putting them in two groups.

We never just put the babies in their own pen away from their moms and the rest of the herd. They will be too stressed. We will usually mix them up- so the babies will be with other female adult alpacas, just not their moms. This softens the experience- and they are still taught their manners.

If you have female crias and plan to keep them, you can let the dams wean them unless they are still nursing at 10 months old. The dam will need a break so the next baby doesn’t suffer.

If you have young boys, it’s good to wean them but do not put them in with adult males. With boys, it depends on their behavior. If we have two and they are behaving, they will be with non-mom-female adults until they go to their new homes or until they are ready to have their own pens. If you only have one male, they need a companion about their age and size.

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