How to Train an Alpaca That Hasn’t Been Handled

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Training an alpaca baby is usually much easier than training an alpaca that hasn’t been handled previously. I have simple steps I use to train my babies born on my farm. Please refer to that post for more information if you are training a baby alpaca.

I use slightly different methods when it comes to training an alpaca that arrives to my farm after they are weaned. I give them at least a week or two to get into our farm routine. Most of this time, I do not attempt to touch them so they feel safe. I only talk to them and feed them treats in a smaller pen with another very calm alpaca to get them used to coming into a smaller space with me. This step is crucial to training success.

I will be making a series of videos as I train Kyler who came as Milano’s new buddy. Every alpaca is a little different, so these are the general steps I take but responses can vary as well as time it takes to train. I will be adding videos as I make them 😉 Enjoy!