What are some special considerations for alpacas in Texas?

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The summers are extra hot but alpacas can be successfully raised in Texas with some precautions.

Tips to Avoid Heat Stress

    1. Make sure their shelter is as cool as can be. A nice breeze and strong fans can make a huge difference.
    2. Never run out of drinking water.
    3. Check often and have extra buckets available. You can electrolyte a few buckets of water, but it’s good to give them options.
    4. Spray their bellies down with a hose. You want to cool their belly and arm/leg pits. Be careful with any puddles since they will sit in them and rot off their fleece.
    5. If anyone looks a bit off, take their temperature and call a vet. Check on them often.
    6. Cool your males down so they don’t become sterile.
    7. Bounce Back is a great electrolyte product to have on hand.
    8. Avoid summer breedings. Don’t stress them out when it’s hot.
    9. Do your herd management activities in the coolest hours possible.
    10. Make sure they get shorn every year in the spring before it gets too hot.
    11. If you have younger crias, make sure they stay out of the sun during the hottest hours
    12. Request our FREE¬†“Raising Alpacas in Texas” report for more information.