What do I need before my alpacas arrive?

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This is not meant to be a complete list as we all have different preferences and set ups.

Here’s a starter checklist

      • Fenced area- separate ones for females, weaned males, mature males
      • Barn/shelter for alpacas
      • Hay storage area
      • Water buckets with clean water
      • Hay
      • Hay buckets/feeder (plastic bins work)
      • Alpaca supplements
      • Supplement feeder
      • Free choice minerals
      • Mineral holder
      • Electrolytes (in summer)
      • Poop management system in place (wheelbarrow, rake, etc.)
      • Fly traps (in summer)
      • Alpaca vet phone number
      • Dr. Norm Evans’ Field Manual and other books
      • Vet supplies- needles, syringes, dewormers, thermometer, emergency medicine (ask vet)
      • Rakes for excess hay
      • Halters, lead ropes, toe nail clippers
      • Cria coats (winter)
      • Boots for yourself (for rain and mud)
      • Zip ties
      • Power drill
      • Extra plastic mesh
      • Extra cattle panel and t-posts
      • Cotton balls/rubbing alcohol
      • Cutter knife/wire cutter (opening hay bales)
      • Extra sand