What do I need in my alpaca baby (cria) kit?

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In my first year, mostly out of nervousness, I assembled quite a large and complete cria kit which included everything you could possibly buy! But over the years, I realized I only really used a handful of items.

So here’s a shortened MUST-HAVE list:

  • Towels and/or hair dryer
  • Iodine/umbilical cord dip and small plastic cup for dipping
  • Trash bag for placenta
  • Thermometer/lube/gloves
  • Frozen cow colostrum/kitten bottles (just in case)
  • Cria coat in colder seasons
  • Electrolytes
  • Tel number to your vet
  • Water and camera for you

Nice to have 🙂

  • Lidded bucket you can put everything in and sit on
  • Probiotics and/or vitamin paste
  • Karo syrup (if baby needs a little sugar boost)
  • Can of Goat Milk (after 24-36 hours for supplemental feed)
  • Vet wrap
  • Masking tape if ears are turned inside out
  • Journal and pen

Cute Cria Nibbling on Grass