How to Felt a Cowboy Hat with Suri Alpaca Fiber

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Suri alpaca fiber makes gorgeous felted hats. Suri fiber can be a bit tricky to felt as it is very slippery. For the best chance of success, I highly recommend using roving with at least 10% merino wool. Always patch … Continued

Updated website!

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Hi Friends! I am in the process of fully updating my website to integrate an online store. This won’t quite happen over night but I am diligently working on it. I will be adding helpful info in various categories but … Continued

Our cria is born! What do I watch for?

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New crias can be very exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. What to watch for Make sure they are peeing and pooping. Most pee right after nursing. Crias don’t always know about the community toilet yet, so they … Continued

What is birthing like?

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A neonatal class is highly recommended, but here’s a run down on what you can expect. Most deliveries require no assistance and everything works out just fine. Usually the morning the dam goes into labor, they will seem a bit … Continued

My alpacas arrived! What now?

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Some things to watch for Make sure they are peeing and pooping. If they are straining to go pee, they could be dehydrated from the trip. Offer water immediately. You can electrolyte the water or offer both options. If they … Continued

How do I prepare for birthing time?

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You want to start preparing the dams for birth at least a month prior to their due date. Start increasing their grain amount. Use the bag instructions Sprinkle Lactation Herbs on their grain especially for first time moms Make sure … Continued

Can you give me alpaca behavior tips?

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Helpful Tips Work in a smaller pen packed with alpacas to limit movement for herd management Less people + more alpacas in pen= less scared alpacas for herd management Give alpaca an escape route forward so they don’t feel trapped- … Continued

What do you do with alpaca fiber?

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Alpaca fiber can be spun into yarn, felted, and made into fabric. You can use raw fiber or have it processed into roving, yarn, felt batts and more at a custom mill. Some people sell their fiber and others create … Continued