Why do you specialize in Suri alpacas?

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There is a lot to learn about Suris and Huacayas with many bloodlines and different fleece characteristics. We wanted to focus on one and chose Suris after falling completely in love with their look. In addition to that: Suris have … Continued

How do you determine price?

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Here’s a bit of information on how we price our alpacas and what information to consider when purchasing them. We price our alpacas based on quite a few different criteria. We take the following into consideration and then run comps: … Continued

How do I get started with alpacas?

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Start with a Business Plan and Ranch Visits Alpaca ranching can be a very exciting and a nice lifestyle business. But as with any business, success is not automatic. Your success depends on your research, business plan, business skills, available … Continued

How do I properly socialize my crias?

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Part of proper socialization includes how crias interact with humans. With no interaction, they can be a bit “wild”, with over-handling they can end up exhibiting beserk male syndrome and become aggressive. So how do you raise properly socialized, friendly … Continued

What do I need before my alpacas arrive?

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This is not meant to be a complete list as we all have different preferences and set ups. Here’s a starter checklist Fenced area- separate ones for females, weaned males, mature males Barn/shelter for alpacas Hay storage area Water buckets … Continued

Tips for Working with Suri Alpaca Fiber

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Suri alpaca fiber can be processed into roving and yarn at a mill for spinning, felting, weaving, knitting and crocheting. This fiber has unique characteristics that you’ll need to keep in mind when creating the most amazing finished products. I … Continued