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  1. Darcy Walton

    Hi, it’s Darcy again, I really hate to bother you but, is there a certain length that you will need to cut the fleece in half? I have a 6″ length on one or two of my alpacas, 1st time cut, and I heard that you need to cut the fleece when it is 6″ or longer in length. Is that correct? Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi Darcy,
      You’re not bothering me at all 🙂 Are you planning to hand process this or send it to a custom mill? If you’re hand processing, 6″ is a great length. If you’re sending to a custom mill, 6″ should be fine as well. You may need to call the mill since it depends on their machine. But from my personal experience, 4-6 inches of growth is very common per year per alpaca and I’ve never cut anything except ones that were closer to 8-10 inches I think (and I actually regret that now!) I should have just kept the super long ones and hand processed it myself. Oh well…too late now 😉 Feel free to ask more questions anytime. You can also email me directly if that’s easier or use the contact form. Thanks for asking and good luck!