Needle Felted Unicorn Tutorial

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Yay!!! Unicorn tutorial and pattern are all ready for you to enjoy! Scroll down for the video 🙂 If you’d like to support me by purchasing the size guide/picture tutorial PDFs, please go to ETSY Unicorn Listing. Material list is below the video. I am still working on the complete unicorn felting kit 🙂

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Material List:

Finished weight is about 0.60 oz/17g, height 5.5 in/13.5 cm, body length 3.25 in/8 cm

  1. Core wool 0.32 oz/9g- this is to create the shape of your unicorn so any shorter crimpier wool will work well since it will be covered and not seen. 
  2. Surface wool 0.10 oz/3g- I use Suri alpaca roving in this tutorial because I have Suri alpacas! You can use any fiber you’d like your finished unicorn to have on the surface. Many options are available from alpaca roving (Huacaya or Suri), merino roving, etc.
  3. Rainbow/favorite color roving 0.18 oz/5g- this is for the tail, mane, and wings. I use a rainbow merino roving in this tutorial. You can use any color or material you’d like.
  4. Sparkly angelina fiber/firestar- this is optional to give your unicorn a shiny magical touch. I use just a pinch and add it to my rainbow roving.
  5. Fluff of pink wool (muzzle and hooves) and pinch of brown wool (eyes and nostrils)
  6. Pipe cleaner /Fuzzy wire- you’ll need two 12 inch/30 cm pieces
  7. Felting needle #38 gauge (all purpose) and fine gauge #40
  8. Felting foam