Starter Needle Felting Kit with BONUS Animal Felting Kit!
Starter Needle Felting Kit with BONUS Animal Felting Kit!
Get everything you need to start needle felting in this fun complete kit. Also included is a BONUS animal kit! If you've never tried needle felting or would like¬†to give a special friend a great gift, this is the perfect kit! The kit is carefully put together and includes: - Felting Foam (5¬†inches x 5 inches x 1.5 inches) - Core wool to create basic shapes (this is sheep's wool) - Suri alpaca colored roving - Huacaya alpaca natural color roving - 1 felting needle with plastic case - 1 extra felting needle inside Bonus animal kit AND BONUS Animal Kit of your choice (choices may change to what's on stock, so please ask or add a note if your option isn't available)! Choose 1 from DOG, BEAR, PIG or PENGUIN depending on availability. Please add a note in order of preference if you aren't able to select variation. Thank you! The bonus animal kit includes everything you need to create a cute little animal of your choice. It includes the wool you'll use and instructions. These are from Japan! But don't worry, the instructions are also in English with lots of pictures. All of this comes in a beautiful ready-to-give gift case pictured (8 inches x 11 inches.) *The completed animals in the picture are not included in the kit. You will be making the one you select.*    
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Needle Felting Mini Kit- Flower
Needle Felting Mini Kit- Flower
This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves crafts! This mini kit features Suri alpaca fiber! The mini kit includes everything you need to create your flowers! *This kit does not include the completed flowers- you will be making them :) Kit Content:
  • Suri alpaca/merino roving in red and green (enough for at least 3 flowers)
  • #38 (all purpose) and #40 (finer details) felting needles in plastic case
  • Mini foam surface (Just big enough for this project 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches)
  • Colorful step by step instructions
This kit is our ranch original and put together with lots of care. You can always email us questions! All sales support our animals and we are SUPER appreciative of all purchases! Thank you! Video tutorial
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needle felting basic kit
Basic Needle Felting Kit Homeschool Version
Super practical basic felting kit with felting foam, felting needles, core wool (to create basic shapes) and beautiful alpaca roving (to use on the surface) for your creations. This will come in a zip lock so this is best for home use vs gifts. If you've always wanted to give needle felting a try, this is one of the best kits to start with. Your experience will be more successful because you will have core wool which felts really quickly and easily. You will also get to experience working with alpaca fiber which you can use for the surface. I have plenty of how to tutorials as well as a free online felting course you can use with this kit.
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