Ladies’ Outdoor Alpaca Socks 3 Pair Gift Set


Perfect gift set includes 3 pairs of warm and cozy Outdoor alpaca socks! FREE SHIPPING, too!

You will get a pair of Denim, Charcoal and Black Outdoor alpaca socks in this gift set. If you would prefer 3 of the same color, please contact me just to be sure I have them in stock.

These socks are super warm and will become one of your absolute favorites. Very popular product!

You can wash these in the machine but do not put them in the dryer or they will shrink. Dry flat. When it’s just miserably cold outside, I love to layer these on top of regular socks. Your toes will stay extra toasty all day long.

There is only one size for ladies which makes gift giving even easier!

Outdoor alpaca socks are made from alpaca/synthetic blend yarn which adds elasticity and durability to the super warm qualities of alpaca fiber.

These socks are made by Creekwater Socks based in Georgia. The fiber blend is 55% alpaca and 45% nylon/acrylic.


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