Core Wool and Suri Alpaca Fiber Needle Felting Refill Pack


Beautiful Suri Alpaca Fiber Refill Pack for Your Needle Felting Projects!

I put together a really special fiber assortment from my herd for you ūüôā

-2 ounces of core wool so you can create your basic shapes

-brown and black suri alpaca roving from our herd. I had this one custom blended at the mill with some corriedale sheep wool. It’s very versatile and easy to work with

-blue suri alpaca roving from US suri alpaca herd

-washed raw Suri alpace fleeces from my herd- white is Dezi, fawn is Alina, rose gray (brown/white mix) is Star, silver gray is Ellie, and a few locks of Callisto’s white were dyed into pink, blue and purple

The assortment of Suri alpaca is a little over an ounce. The washed Suri alpaca fleeces can be made smooth with dog slicker brushes or used as is for texture. If there are other colors you’d like, just let me know and I’ll see if I have some to include in your pack. Sometimes I have extras or in other fibers and am happy to include them for you!


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