Custom Listing for Paige Option 2- Unwashed White Fleece


Unwashed prime alpaca fleece from Tahoe, 19 ounces UNWASHED, 19 oz @$1.15 + $7.50 shipping = $29.35

This fleece is from the prime area (best part) of the alpaca. Tahoe is a mature male so the fiber isn’t as fine. This fleece is NOT washed. It still has a few little hay sticks and such but is relatively clean since he was hand shorn with a lot of care and clean up prior to shearing. If you want washing instructions, let me know. I have a video of him getting shorn I think for this exact fleece last year on my YT channel. I found it 🙂

Tahoe has been on our farm for most of his life and has been one of our favorite herdsires. He is very friendly and his babies are so sweet! We have so many of his babies on our farm 🙂

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