Friendly Fiber and Pet Males $500

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We usually sell out on our boys- but we should have a few available after Spring 2021. Alpacas take about 6-8 months to wean- so all the alpacas we sell (unless with mom) will be older than 6 months. We generally sell males intact so they can be used for breedings without any restrictions. Most males will not need to be gelded even if they are kept as pets.Our breeding males are friendly and safe around children.

All of our babies are halter trained and will come with a properly fitted halter, lead rope, and transition food. We always provide full support and try to help you in any way we can.

Our prices on average for males is $500 each (but can range from $500-850)- they are usually registered with certificates, vaccinated, and tested for BVDV. Some have show ribbons. Occasionally, we may retire a herdsire or have friends who need to sell their animals. If we don’t have the animals you’re looking for, we can always try to help you find some through our network of breeder friends. So, feel free to give us a call and we’ll do our best to find you the best match.

Alpacas will need a minimum of:

  • a buddy (so 2 minimum alpacas although 3 is better- can be mix of Suri and Huacaya, but should be same sex, similar age unless bonded otherwise)
  • 3 sided shelter (carports work well)
  • access to pasture/hay and water
  • protection from predators (good fencing, guardian animals, secure night pen)
  • shearing once a year (we can teach you how with a pair of scissors)
  • CDT vaccine every few years (and any others that may be required in your area)
  • fecal testing and deworming as needed

Please request our FREE ebook titled “Alpacas for Fun and Profit” to get more information if you are new to alpacas. You can use our Contact Us form.

We try to post pictures of our babies when they are born on our Facebook Fan Page- so check out the new babies there or contact me and I will send you pictures and information.

Some pictures of our boys who went to new homes

I'm Atlantis and have gorgeous gold fleece!
I’m Atlantis and have gorgeous gold fleece!
We all get trained so we're easier to handle.
We all get trained so we’re easier to handle.
We are loved very much!
We are loved very much!
Check out my bow tie!
Check out my bow tie!