Suri vs Huacaya Fleece Characteristics

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Alpacas have two breeds known as Suri and Huacaya. They are only different in terms of their fleece characteristics. Learn more about the difference between Suri and Huacaya fleeces!

Suri alpacas are very rare and have fleeces with lock structure that hang down on their body. The Huacayas have crimpy springy fiber which grows out and gives them a fluffy look. Due to their fiber structure, Suri fiber is excellent in woven products while Huacaya fiber tends to do well in knit products when they are compared. Both fibers can be used in both types of products.

Suri alpaca fiber is more like the mohair from Angora goats while Huacaya is more like sheep’s wool. Suri fiber has beautiful luster and similarly, Huacayas have brightness.

It’s most interesting to compare the raw fleeces as well as the roving from both of these fibers to learn more. There are individual differences even within the breed, so make sure to look at various fleeces and see how amazing alpaca fiber is!