Hi Tracy!

Thank you always for ALL you do. I wanted to make you a handmade item from our farm, so hopefully you have Priscilla’s fleece hat in your hands! I recorded some videos for you so you can see ALL the love that went into making your special hat. Love you so much! All the videos messages for you are unlisted on YT but I added a few other ones I put on YT that were more general on this page, too for reference.

Message #1

Priscilla- she was born May 6, 2021

This one is a published video but her face is closer 🙂

Skirting and then washed fleece drying 🙂 super short, sorry if boring~

Fluffing and then spinning

Message 🙂

This is the knifty knitter process- I made this as a tutorial so others can learn to do it 😉