Alpaca Baby Milano!

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Howdy from little Milano! He was born in December 2019 and is now 8 weeks old! He started eating crimped oats at about 4 weeks of age. He’s our first alpaca orphan in the 12 years we’ve had our farm. His sweet mama passed away 36 hours after his birth in a rather unexpected sudden way. We were all in shock… but had to take quick action to keep Milano thriving.

He is getting goat milk multiple times a day and loves it. He has an alpaca guardian who has volunteered to be his go to girl 🙂 His full sister also watches him closely and loves on him. All in all, he’s doing quite well.

The biggest challenge is to make sure he doesn’t end up with behavioral problems which can come from over handling. We talk to him and feed him, but we are very careful and make sure he knows he’s an alpaca and belongs with the herd. He is so adorable, but we do not cuddle him or take him in the house.

I’m working on a little video of him, so stay tuned! Much love from the farm!