Good-bye, Sweet Easton. We LOVE You!

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I have some sad news to share…and just something I think we all struggle and deal with when we are caretakers of our animals and love them so much.

Sweet Easton who is only 5 weeks old broke his femur in a very unfortunate spot and also dislocated the bone. I think they said distal femur fracture with a dislocation… even as an amateur, you can look at the Xrays and see how gruesome it is…

We went to two amazing vets so we could get the Xray, then one of them referred us to Texas A&M to discuss surgery options. My husband and I were on the call and took lots of notes and asked a lot of questions. I went back to my most trusted experienced vet to show the Xray and get his opinion on the surgery option.

From our standpoint, we want to do anything and everything to keep them alive and with us including surgery if there’s any chance of him having a good life…but we had to really consider what is in the best interest for Easton and all that he will have to go through with surgery, post op, recovery, and reinjury, implant failures, etc…plus always the concern of other problems.

There was also the big issue pointed out by our trusted vet that he broke his leg in a very bad spot where there’s nothing to stabilize it to especially since he is still growing…so surgery felt risky to us.

So today, our amazing and trusted mobile vet (who saw the Xray images and agreed with our other trusted vet) came out and quickly helped Easton get out of his pain at home with his entire family surrounding him in love and support. I trust he is with our beautiful Star(Milano’s mom) and Alina (spotaneous milker!) who loved babies so much as well as many of our sweet animals.

His mom, Snowflake, seemed to know and is coping quietly. Poor Milano…he seemed the most upset about his friend and repeatedly tried to wake him up…then sat with him…breaks my heart…

I think this has been one of the hardest decisions we’ve had to make in all the years…luckily, I had taken a few extra videos of him so I have those to watch and remember him by. Please pray for him and send him, Snowflake and Milano a little extra love if you can <3 Hugs <3 Sending you lots of love from the farm <3