Milano’s New Friend, Kyler, Arrives to Wisteria Suri Ranch!

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We’re SO thrilled to have Kyler arrive on our farm to be Milano’s new buddy!!! Milano has had a rough first 5 months and we wanted to make sure his cria-hood could be the best we can make it for him. Milano is now 6 months old~! YAY!!! Kyler is 8.5 months old and was weaned from his mom around 7-8 months old. That’s why he could come here and join us.

Normally, we wouldn’t put a weaned male with the girls but we have a bit of a special situation. Milano isn’t quite ready to wean yet. Once I feel he is ready, we’ll take the process slowly. Don’t worry! They will still be in adjacent pens in the same barn for a while so they will still all feel like one herd.

A pic and a video below!