Our New Alpaca Babies!!!

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We LOVE our babies~~!!! Cassie, Newton and Magic Blue were all born in November. They are all gaining weight and running around happily. When it gets cold, they wear their cute little coats. Newton is the friendliest of the bunch.

Enjoy the pics!


Cassie and Newton in their coats


Cassie in pink camo!


How did a little reindeer sneak on to the ranch??? Wait a minute… it’s Magic Blue šŸ™‚


Little Newton pretending to be a reindeer!



Sweet Cassie <3

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  1. Linda cantrell

    Iā€™m just researching alpacas and I am working towards buying 3 for fiber and as pets. Do you have any younger ones for sale now or in future? I would love one to be a true black. Thank you!

  2. admin

    Hi Linda! I will have babies in Dec. 2017! I will email you <3