Alpaca Shearing Time Again!

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Hi there! It’s spring and time to shear. I’ve been hand shearing again this year. It takes a lot of extra time and patience, but it’s been worth it for me. I only do what the alpacas will tolerate per session, so you can sort of imagine what that might be like!!! It’s a good bonding experience- and a great way to build trust for the long term. For most of the month, I have a really silly looking herd with partial haircuts on mostly everyone except a handful that are super cooperative! I take volunteers first and start with no restraint at all and lots of treats. Some end up in a halter and lead or light restraint by my husband. Anyway, just a handful of pictures of what it looks like. It is very gentle, calm, and quite fun for the most part. Dezi wanted a break, so I grabbed my camera and took pics. Dezi gave me more time to work but was quite clear when she was done.

Dezifleece1 SharliFace