Updated website!

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Hi Friends!

I am in the process of fully updating my website to integrate an online store. This won’t quite happen over night but I am diligently working on it. I will be adding helpful info in various categories but my main goal is to be able to create a lot of fun fiber tutorials. It will be a long process but I am quite excited!! I have been learning WordPress and Woocommerce for the past many many months and doing the work myself. So, if you notice any glitches or strange things on this website, please let me know!!!

I also have two separate newsletters- Alpaca Advantage Newsletter and Wisteria Ranch Newsletter. Alpaca Advantage is for current or future alpaca owners interested in marketing tips. Wisteria Ranch Newsletter is a more general one covering new products, ranch happenings and such. Both are free and I only send out when there’s something interesting, so no more than once a month on average.

Thanks for visiting! And I hope you will find this website interesting and helpful in some way.