Our alpaca story…

A long time ago, in rural Michigan, there was a little Asian girl named Keiko who was learning country western guitar even before she spoke English. She missed the Japanese countryside, but she sure loved those red barns and animals here in the U.S. Since the time she was 8, she dreamed of having her own farm.

Many years later, she married a California city boy named Matt who also loved animals. They, along with their son, went for a wild ride all the way to Texas to start their very own little farm.

Why Suri alpacas? Matt and Keiko love all animals, and have a barn full of other critters… but they just couldn’t resist the big beautiful alpaca eyes and the silky lustrous Suri fleeces!

If you were wondering, Keiko is a former teacher and now a proud full time poop scooper. Matt works with computers and helps out with daily chores and endless projects on the weekends.

Just a Fun Tidbit…

We selected Suri alpacas (instead of Huacayas) for one additional reason. They produce fiber like silk and Keiko’s grandfather was involved in raising silkworms! Keiko grew up playing with silkworms and mulberry plants. Alpacas are much much cuter!

“Thank you to all who have been friends, customers and mentors. We still love alpacas and “who knows”, we may be back in the business. I would like to say to anyone who has enjoyed the quality of our alpacas to keep an eye on Wisteria Suri Ranch in Taylor, Texas. Keiko and Matt have been the best example of suri breeders I have met. Their focus on quality, health, integrity and alpaca education are among the best in the country. Thanks and best wishes to all!”
-Bob and Adrienne Haarhues, Sunny-Rise Ridge