How to Wash Suri Alpaca Fleece

It’s actually very easy to wash your Suri alpaca fleeces. Follow these tips below and you will have lovely clean fleeces to work with.

Alpaca Fleece Washing Tips:

  1. Make sure to pick out larger hay bits and pieces as well as you can.
  2. Shake out the dirt and smaller second cuts (super short pieces which will cause lumps in your yarn) on a wire mesh skirting table.
  3. Add dish soap or shampoo to LUKEWARM water and soak your fleece. It is very important to keep the water temperature almost the same to avoid felting your fleeces.
  4. After soaking, squeeze the water out of the fleece and refill your bucket with lukewarm water- do not agitate since this will also felt your fleece.
  5. Wash in clean water a few times until the water runs mostly clear. Then squeeze out the water without wringing your fiber.
  6. Dry naturally on a mesh table or other surfaces where the air can circulate beneath the fleece if possible.